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we’re really happy that you want to participate in the QueerFem Networking week 2011 and are looking forward to meet you!

We are an emancipatory/libertarian collective and all of us are working on a voluntary base to organise this event, therefore our financial resources are not infinite.

We want to support artists/lecturers financially. We tried really hard to work out a fair concept. We want to support all artists/lecturers to the same extent, to avoid (fame-)hierarchies. Which means they can all decide, based upon their personal situation, how much money they like to get for their workshop/performance/lecture; we’ve set a frame from 0-100€.

Every artist/perfomer/lecturer will get a full refund for travelling costs, unless it’s a haystack of money 😉 Please contact us about your travelling costs and keep your tickets. There will be (clean) sleeping places and (warm)vegan food and drinks (free price policy) for all artists/performers/lecturers.

For visitors (not performing/lecturing) who come from a big distance there will be a refund of 2/3 of the travelling expenses, but this is not fixed plan, we will try to make our decisions according to each person’s social/financial needs, we hope that our budget will be enough.

Sadly larger financial support is not possible due to our current financial situation, but we want to emphasise the potential of the QueerFem networking week to be a great opportunity to give more/less space for and create a higher awareness/sensitivity to topics like queer, feminism, antisexism, heteronormativity, transphobia, homophobia and many more, to network and develop strategies against social hierarchies, without being bound to universities or national borders.

Please tell us in which language you can do the workshop (the more the better ;)), we are trying to figure out a (as much as possible) hierarchy-free concept to deal with language needs/translations (ideas welcome)

We kindly ask you to send us a short abstract of your contribution asap for the program, and let us know the following things:

for the program planning:
– Title
– Short description (at least 3 lines)
– Suggested day if there is some preference (alternative proposal)
– length, planned timeframe and preferred part of the day if relevant
– who can participate? (gender policy, etc.)
– Min. / max. number of participants
– In what language(s) is it held?
– Are there things that are required for it (for example the participants must do something in preparation, a certain level of knowledge expected, the discussion or program is based on a text and should it be read in advance?)

for us:
– Contact (e-mail, phone)
– needs for technical equipment, special rooms (indoor/outdoor, other specifications)
– needed materials, and how much do they costs?

If you have any pictures, illustrations or links related to the program, please send that as well, we will put it or link it on the website.

Other considerations for you:
– Which information or questions the program should bring to others, what is the output of the workshop, discussion etc.?
– If there is danger of trigger(s) (and in case it should be the case, please refer to it at the beginning of the short description)

We are putting together a route plan to the LAMES-Gelände which soon will be on our homepage (queerfem2011.blogsport.eu)

We would be really really glad if you would be a part of this!

See you 🙂

Solidary greetings
Plan.Los!, Vernetz2

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