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a work in progress, subject to changes
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+++ Overview +++

Monday 19.09.

14h Arrival, set-up and registration
18h Get to know each other

Tuesday 20.09.

15-17h The politics of the lesbian desire
Lecture/discussion, for 5-25 women
13-16h (Queer-)Feminist Localisations of MediaWiki
15-19h sexism and antiracism
17-20h Monsterworkshop
Workshop, max 15, all genders and species welcome
21 Dj Metzgerei

Wednesday 21.09.

10-18h Love, sex and affection
Open for all genders, max 15
13-15h Queer-feminism in everyday life
16-18h A Good Shot.
camera Workshop, part 1, theory, Open for all genders
17-21h “Who is this boy-girl?”
Workshop, Open for all genders. max 3 – 12
from 21h Vacations in slut meadow (Ferien in Schlampenau)
Film presentation

Thursday 22.09.

11-13h A good shot
camera workshop, part 2, practice
12-18h Silicone dildo workshop
Open for all genders, for max. 15 partipicants, no previous experience is needed
15-18h Queerfeminist Community Online Media: How to Organize, Develop and Grow It
theory, part 1, open for all genders
16-18h Cervical show and tell by Sadie Lune
for people with cervixes, max 20
18-21h Night shadow power
19-21h Queer BDSM – the politics of desire

Friday 23.09.

11-14h Virginia Woolf schule
Presentation and discussion, Open for all genders
12-18h Bikesexual : vegan DIY sextoys from recycled bicycle parts
Workshop, open for all genders, max 25, no previous experience is needed
13-15h Sexwork: a job like any other?
15-18h Queerfeminist Community Online Media
practice, part 2
15-17h Struggle for the right to speak
Discussion, open for all genders, max. 30
18-20h Frauencafé tells her stories
Film, presentation & discussion
21h Queer Burlesque Show: Gay love story
performance + afterwards party and bands

Saturday 24.09.

11-14h „Don’t take the hammer out of my hands!“
Possibilities and limits of antisexist building practice

presentation & discussion, only for women* and trans, max. 20
11-15h Antifa and Masculinity
Open for all genders, max. 20
16-18h Safer sex workshop by Sadie Lune
open for all genders, max. 20
18h with Judith Butler in the disco
19h Waiting for wonderland
documentary filmscreening
21h party with bands and djanes

Sunday 25.09.

all day collective cleaning and packing


not yet fixed times:

Queer BDSM -Politics of Desire

Sexwork: A job like any other?

Women and trans only Bikerepair by Bikekitchen Vienna

Geschlecht im Spiel” (Gender in play)
Film presentation & discussion

Jealousy and patriarchy

Prostate massage – penetration and heteronormativity Discussion

Heteronormativity and sexism in Hip Hop

and much more

permanent program

* freeshop with dressing up box and masks, make-up etc.
* cinema room with many many films you can watch
* infoshop and library, with mediathek (films, pdfs and music up- and download, sharing)
* women and trans only room (safer space)
* exhibition and installation
* DIY silkscreenprinting
* handcrafting corner
* daily teams to join: cooking, cleaning and infotable

You are all invited to bring stuff for any of them, be that a fancy wig for dressing up box, movies or queer-feminist stickers, zines and books, something for handcrafting and DIY, decorations etc.! See you soon!

+++ Details+++

(Queer-)Feminist Localisations of MediaWiki

Open for all genders, for everybody who is interested, no previous knowledge required. macho people will not be tolerated.

Wikipedia, for many of us, has become an indispensable tool for using the
internet and to gather information. Besides Wikipedia as an information source
many different contexts and groups are using the underlying software: MediaWiki.
This software is cooperatively produced – just like the contents of Wikipedia
too – and labeled Free Software. Therefore, potentially, every interested
person might contribute to the software. Also adaptations, or even completely
new projects, might emerge from it.

Yet, despite all those notionally given opportunities for participation, not
only Wikipedia but also the underlying technology is male dominated. In this
context we find patriarchal biases in the existing interfaces. One of these is
the language in use. Although there are manifold language versions – besides
“English” we find “British English” or even “Simple English”, besides “German”
we also find “Austrian German” or “Swiss German” or even a “Formal Version of
German”. What we will not find there – e.g. for the German version – are
gender-sensitive language versions / localisations, never mind queer, feminist
or even utopian approaches.

With this project we want to change exactly this. We want to take the asserted
opportunities for participation seriously and we will demand critical
acknowledgement. Why not producing other language versions, with gender_gaps,
generically in female gender, or utopian variants? With this project we want to
provide help and coordination, in order to enable different people and groups in
creating and/or using language version of MediaWiki, which are tailored to their
See also:
Wikipedia auf deutsch
Wikipedia in english

Sexism and antiracism

For refugee activists and other antiracism-activists. Trigger warning for people who are traumatised because of experiences with sexism and/or racism. Participation for 1-15 people

We speak in relaxed atmosphere about chances and problems of antisexist antiracism work. The referee Veronika Dimke wants to push an exchange about male dominance in antiracist activism and racist reproaches against activists.

It takes guts to talk about the taboo topic sexism in antiracist groups. The workshop offers a platform to think selfcritically what is in racism and sexism accusations. Wich conditions do we need to create work spaces free of fear and how to become active against own experiences of discrimination?

Registration for the workshop at :


up to 15 participants. All genders and species welcome. Workshop by Anthony Clair Wagner

The workshop consists of an introduction to the topic of monsters and their historical significance. After that, we dedicate ourselves to a consideration of the monster from Queer feminist perspective. What connects monsters with women and queer people? Once we were distinguish the stigma and the power relations, we turn back to our monsters and we get to know the power position of the monster. (If desired, the workshop concludes with a practical part (we turn into monsters). The workshop participants are welcome to bring their own material.

Love, sex and affection

Open for all genders, workshop on Wednesday 21st of September 2011, between 10 and 18 with breaks, please don’t come late! Between 5 and 15 participants.

English description coming soon.
Sorry, this workshop will be held only in german and there will be no possibility for translations, because the workshop givers asked for that.

see also: Kritische Bildung

Queer-feminism in everyday life

Workshop and discussion, for 4-10 participants, open for everybody with a queerfeminist self-identification

The workshop gives space to exchange and discussion. It will provide an opportunity to exchange strategies and practices, experiences from everyday life, outside of queer spaces and events, that are explicitly critical of heteronormativity.

What are the possibilities of queer-feminist criticism in short encounters
in everyday life in society? Criticism of a society which constantly reproduces heterosexuality and bisexuality as the norm.

How does one succeed in everyday situations through small policies or practices to cause confusion, to break heteronormative expectations and uniqueness counteract. Spreading legs in the subway … not coherent gender-performances to reveal the constructedness of genderperformances … not heterosexual conversations at the bus stop – to make it clear that not everyone lives heterosexual … we exchange information about favorite strategies and develop new strategies for situations and the spaces we want to conquer … queering work, street, university, club.

A Good Shot. Camera Workshop.

Open for all genders

Participatory camera workshop in the frames of the QueerFem Networkmeeting 2011, aimed at sharing the skills and ideas during 4 hours of the creative insight in the shooting techniques. Up to 15 participants with different backgrounds will try to create a friendly atmosphere for the communication, cooperation and learning.

This workshop is for all those who are interested in creating new videos. Fresh ideas are welcome. If you have a video camera, bring it with. One simple video camera for those who do not have their own will be provided. If you want to share your equipment with other participants, it is wonderful. Please, bring it and share.

It is a 2-day workshop: 4 hours altogether, the first day is for discussions, theory and getting known the camera, the second day for the filming.

The politics of the lesbian desire

Open only for women. Ca. 5 – 25 participants. Workshop with Birge Krondorfer (Frauenhetz/Vienna)

It wasn’t about identity, it was about political subjectivity and resistance. A report about the history of the lesbian existence in the womenmovement. And what became of it – an alercation is missing.

Knowledges in feminist theories would be good but not required.

“Who’s that boy-girl?”

Open for all genders. Ca. 3 – 12 participants
Work, public, partnership, intimacy, art and pose: Fields and roles, which we ought to be able to switch quite easily and very commonly. But in many cases this might not be as conveniently possible as we tend to think about it. Often times these changes and shifting points can nevertheless be resources of power and new development. The 4 hours of this workshop and the then perhaps possible performance may give you such an opportunity to go for some sharp limits and also for spaces beyond them.

Everything, that emphasises, encourages or points out your self-awareness respectively your daily re-presentation of your vital and individual circumstances should be a part of your workshop-set (Clothes, characteristic symbols, poems, etc.)

It’s all about a playful and sensual journey into one’s self and a reflection upon social attitudes, attributes, points of view and of course also one’s angle of being seen.

siehe auch: Cir

Night shadow power

Open for all genders, min 7 participants, no maximum limit. Workshop with Dagmar Benedikt and Ruth Devime

A workshop by and for international, anarchist, feminist troublemakers, smallhawkler (?) and biorebels – in practice and theory.

The farmer’s seed is the base of the food security of all human beings, it is not subject to market nor government. Examples from art, ecology and bioagriculture ( 3 sisterhoodeconomy) and the international resistance of Women Against corporate biopiracy are the basis of this workshop.

Practical exercises create knowldege beyond patriarchal categories of thinking, doing and understanding.

Virginia Woolf girls school

Open for all genders, presentation&discussion

Virginia Woolf School

A for Anarchy, B for Becoming free, C for Cool, up to F for Feminist, R for Resistance and Z for Zora: the Girl-ABC of the feminist Girlschool “Virginia Woolf”.
Lecture and discussion with the cofounders of the feminist girl’s school “Virginia Woolf”, which was in the FrauenZentrum (women’s center) next to Wuk in Vienna from 1991-2000.

There are other possibilities for kids to learn instead of/apart from the dominating compulsory education. The feminist girl’s school called “Virginia Woolf” was only one of many anarchist possibilities to accompany girls through their girlhood. Having said this we want to initiate a discussion about the theme “out of the compulsory state school system”.

Silicone dildo workshop

Open for all genders, for max. 15 partipicants, no previous experience is needed

Design a shape out of clay, mould it in plaster, and then fill the mould with silicone gel to create your own personalised toy in exactly the size and shape you desire!. The result may not be quite as polished and perfect as something you would buy in the shop, but the finished product is definitely usable (we recommend condoms) and it’s a whole lot of fun to make! Come prepared to get dirty!

See also:
Rubber by kat on myspace
Rubber by kat on facebook

Bikesexual : vegan DIY sextoys from recycled bicycle parts

Open for all genders, for max. 20 participants, no previous experience is needed

Learn how to make a harness, handcuffs, a collar, a whip or just a bracelet or jewelery, all from broken bicycle parts, with simple techniques, to make your sex life as dirty, as cheap and as green as you like, and to go beyond the limits of what you can get in a sex shop.

The workshop might be triggering for people with experience of physical or sexual violence, as I will show and we will make some classical and also BDSM sextoys that can be made from trash, from bicycle parts.

See also:
Bikesexual’s website
how-to zine @QZAP

Frauencafe tells her stories

Open for all genders, presentation&discussion and short film

As part of the queerfeminist network meeting we want to give an insight to the Herstory of 34 years of the FrauenCafé(Womencafé), and also the emergence and ideas about the exhibition which you can see since may at the Frauencafé. We are really looking forward to look back together on 34 years of women’s movement in the oldest womens*space in Vienna, a place which was and is an important social and cultural meeting point for lesbians and women*.

FC-activists in front of the camera.
And many-many women* have in these 34 years formed the café – some as parts of collectives, some alone, some as a political project or some even trying to earn a bit from it. We interviewed a really small part of the Frauencafé-activists. We will show selected parts of the converstions in a short movie.

see also: Frauencafé website

Queer Burlesque Show: Gay love story

Open for all genders, performance

A macho gay guy is sitting in a bar, waiting his next victim…His lucky number seems to be this cute shy guy coming in… It’s a queer burlesque performance where the audience’s perception of the characters is challenged…

See also: Link for the performance

Antifa and Masculinity

max.20 participants, all genders welcome

what is masculinity actually?
what makes antifa-politics and why is it so appealing especially to young men? Why also in the antifa there are mechanisms of oppression? the structures of talking/discussions and decisions have to get an antisexist check.

we will talk about symbols and idols, about hidden traps in the everyday antifa-work, also about heroism and territorial behavior. mechanisms of oppression will not be abolished by themselves, just because they have been detected and named in numerous discussions. the workshop is about developing new perspectives and concrete possibilities to translate it into action. antifa is too important to leave it at critique only.

“Don’t take the hammer out of my hands!” –
Possibilities and limits of anti-sexist building practice

presentation & discussion. Open only for women and trans. Workshop for min. 5, max. 20 participants

Many female socialized people know from experience about constructions sites as places where there is no space for self-empowerment. On the contrary, the dominating experiences are not to be recognised as competent workforce as a woman*, getting permanent comments that a woman* on a construction site is out of place, and being constantly confronted with sexist jokes and sexualization. The workshop is about the possibilities and the limits of anti-sexist practice in building sites, renovation: how can construction take place in non-hierarchical and open spaces, where we learn from and with each other?

To rooms where it comes to the reflection (particularly about gender) the facts of domination unlearning piece by piece the patterns of gender behavior and dressing?

With our discussions for anti-sexist construction site in the Schenke – one freeshop with a non-commercial cafe in Vienna – we want to give a short input, including a documentary, and work out in small groups, concrete steps, approaches, ideas for antisexist construction sites especially in the context of personal experiences.

On one hand we want to share how and what we implemented from our ideas about and anti-sexist construction site, on the other hand, we would really like all kinds of feedback and to work together on creating, changing and adding ideas related to this topic.

See also:
Schenke website
Antisexist Building invitation email (in german)

with Judith Butler in the disco
Queer Studies as Pop Studies

Although at the first sight it doesn´t look like that, the books of Judith Butler are always also about pop culture as a contextual system of references (from movies like “paris is burning” across hiphop to lady gaga…) On the one hand Judith Butler opens up a whole box of tools for approaches to queer-feminist pop critique. On the other hand the references to the techniques of pop (“remake/remodel”, remix, posing) give concrete examples for how queer theories (which can be really complex and complicated) can become practicable. (Which actually happens since the beginning of pop.) Where do queer-feminist theories and actions transfuse and transform together with the theories and actions of pop? Where can queer-feminist potentials be found in pop? Where does pop act as an anti-queer-feminist backlash?
along terms like translations; counter-translations, re-signifying; remix, “doing gender”; “making machine”, performance, performance; posing, “sonic drag”; productive misunderstandings, authenticity; artificiality, these aspects will be put for discussion.

Waiting for wonderland

screening and discussion of the documantary “waiting for wonderland”
workshop “no budget doku”

75-minute documentary in german and english with subtitles in both languages, berlin, 2011, music by sookee and geigerzähler
axel h. from berlin-kreuzberg is accused of attempting arson to army vehicles. for
this he is considered to be an “extreme leftist.” he currently awaiting a court decision. alice evermore from berlin-kreuzberg is preparing for an operation. her “body project” crosses social notions of gender and is bound to strict legal guidelines. what drives them both? how far are they and others going for their beliefs and dreams? “waiting for wonderland” is a documentary about social norms and gender ideologies, prison, and war. above all, it is a film about freedom and utopia.

Film blog

Safer sex workshop

open for all genders, potentially triggering. about 2 hours, up to 20 participants.
A hands-on workshop about incorporating safer sex into your sex life, facillitated by a sex worker with 10 years of experience using safer sex techniques in her personal and professional life. Using a harm reductive perspective to sexual health we will talk about topics such as: Are there political implications to safer sex? How is safer sex relevant to queer sex? How do you make it hot, fun and easy? We will use demonstrations and the option to do interactive practice with many of the tools and techniques discussed.

See also:
Sadie Lune

Cervical show and tell by Sadie Lune

Potentially triggering. A live tour of the cervix and vagina, open to all
cervix-having people. about 2 hours, up to 20 participants, for the first part and the second part is based on how many disposable specula we can get

In the first part of the workshop I will demonstrate how to find and view the cervix and discuss relevant anatomy, sex and pleasure, and the political ramifications of cervix gazing. In the second part each participant will be led through the process of viewing their own cervix followed by a group discussion. The first part is open, but the second is only for people interested in seeing their own cervix.
Participants should bring their own towel and pillow.

See also:
Sadie Lune

Ferien in Schlampenau (Vacations in slut meadow)

Filmpresentation, open for all genders

2007 the first “ferien in schlampenau, summercamp for non-natural women” came off. in the meantime it has become an annual event.

“also non-natural women need retirement” was written in the announcement, “just spending time together with other sluts (far away from heteronormativity), exchange of experiences, discussions about utopies, developing new cultures of relationships.”

4 paricipants will talk about polyamory, the summercamp, feminism, queer identities and their dreams about future.

this DIY (and no-budget) documentary movie shows a struggle-spirit against the alienation in a society, where there is always misunderstanding or oppression if you are (as a woman) polyamoric, feminist, queer or transgender. the camp seems to be a place of togetherness, freedom, exchange and fun.

See also:

Film website

Queerfeminist Community Online Media: How to Organize, Develop and Grow It

open for all genders, 2 days, each day 3 hours with a 20 min break, first day no limit on participants, second day min 3, max 8 persons

Based on a 6 years experience on how to engage, organize and maintain online community media in Croatia ( was founded in 2006 and in 2010 restructured to, co-founder and editor Gabrijela Ivanov will share challenges and give survival tips and developing techniques in following areas: collective structure vs. collective goals technical requirements and basic tools-optimizing impact (how to stay focused and use social media effectively) enduring rough times sharing resources, possible networking platform video production for web

First day more theory and sharing experiences, second day more problem solving and concrete technical skills.

There is an option to hold ‘Video for web’ workshop on additional 3rd and 4th day, but that only if there would be 4-6 interested participants who already had some basic skills on audio or video editing.

All participants for the first day need to send:

Name or nickname:
contact e-mail:
representing collective/initiative:
collective founded in year:
short info on collective:
links: (collective webpage, fb page, mypace, youtube, vimeo… all pages and accounts that collective uses)

For second day participants need to have basic skills in online content management and/or have specific issue in their collective that needs to be solved.

The idea of this program is to analyse online presentation of involved initiatives and collectives, find common denominators, share experiences and see possibilities for better online collaborations.

Women and trans only Bikerepair by Bikekitchen Vienna

open only or women and trans


See also:
Bikekitchen website

Geschlecht im Spiel (Gender in play)

Film presentation & discussion

English description coming soon.

Jealousy and patriarchy


Queer BDSM -Politics of Desire

For women/trans/genderqueers, no straigth males. Lecture and discussion for 10-30 participants.

Trigger warning: The lecture/workshop focuses on trauma related content.

In the lecture we will discuss the background of voluntary engagement in a usage of
force and humiliation as part of erotic existence. We shall explore the historical
background of political engagement with BDSM in the feminist movement, the
psychological background of personal engagement and the meeting between the personal and political happening “in the dungeon”. We will explore the personal-political origins of erotics, gender and love and how those influence our erotic choices, and finally we will explore the dangers of the non reflective BDSM, the ways to become aware of the frequently hidden needs of all involved and the utter importance and tools for of on-going dialog and reflection on the presence and relations between shame, pain and pleasure.

Yana Ziferblat is a trainer and feminist counselor. She has 16 years of experience in activism, facilitation, coordination and counseling, thirteen from them in Palestine-Israel where she lead the Coalition of Women for Peace and coordinated work of other major Palestinian-Jewish networks acting in the struggles against the Israeli occupation, sexual and domestic violence, LGBTQI rights and migration. Currently, Yana consults communities, movements, organizations and individuals on community and network building, post trauma response, burn out prevention, community response to sexual violence, inter generational dialog, integrated security of activists and crisis transformation. Yana holds a degree in Psychology
and MA in Critical Gender Studies from Central European University .

Prostate massage – penetration and heteronormativity

discussion, open for all genders

What counts as (real) sex and what falls into the category of “just fooling around”? What is associated with penetration? What insecurities, norms, expectations and oppressive structures are there related to anal sex? Which genders and what sexual orientation labels do we think about when the expressions penetration, or anal sex comes up? What possibilities aren’t explored much in our sex lives because of lack of information, lack of communication, insecurity and norms etc.? The plan is to talk about the unspoken, the uncommon, the not usual, the taboo, prostate massage, and reversed gender norms. We will try to do this with a clear and direct vocabulary, calling things by their names even though (and especially because) it’s maybe awkward and unusual. The workshop is held by a person experienced in doing crossdressing and performing a reverse gender role norm, and experienced in giving prostate massage. The language of the workshop might be triggering for people who have experienced sexual violence.

Heteronormativity and sexism in Hip Hop

Not confirmed!

Struggle for the right to speak

Speak out loud!!!

Who are the speakers in groups and therefore have privileged subject positions within it reflect the real power structure in these groups. In this workshop, in the first part we would like to discuss together which mechanisms – other than the most known: to disrupt someone – are influential for the right to speak. In the second part we will consider various strategies besides to tackle the problem directly. Here, we will examine the questions of how and with which easy tricks the right to speak in groups can be arranged differently.

Sexwork: A job like any other?


Even when voyeuristically viewed, when headlines are written about it, when scandals are followed in the mass media: the main actors of sex work usually remain hidden, and they are reduced to their occupation. Political and feminist discourses, in a complex web of moral beliefs characterize this field. The affected people are rarely involved in these processes (such as development of regulations).

A documentation of the “European Conference on Sex Work, Human Rights, Labour and Migration 2005” is intended to stimulate discussion and reflection and make the voices of sexworkers themselves heard. A theoretical input provides the necessary information to feminist positions and legal regulations of sex work. Using the daily experiences of the employees of MAIZ (autonomous center in Linz for and by migrant women) in the framework of streetwork, we can discuss the different approaches, based on the life- and worksituations of sexworkers.

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