Feedback and reflection meeting

6. October 2011

Feedback and reflection meeting in the D3z3ntrale in the Academy of Fine arts (Schillerplatz 3). Come by or send us an email about your impressions, wishes etc. to vernetz2[at]kukuma[dot]info !

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Infophone number

infophone: +43 680 2240231

how to get to the location:

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Queerfem coming really soon!

The Queerfeminist networking meeting is only a few days away!! For getting to the location, you find all the important informations here. The program is more or less fixed now, and there is always place and time to hold spontaneous discussions, workshops, show a film etc!

Important to know: Please keep your bills related to traveling (gas costs, train, bus etc). Bring a tent (or an extra for those in need), and please leave your dogs at home. People with kids are welcome! There will be a barrier-free toilet, and all (except one) rooms for workshops are on the groundfloor and in the garden area, and there are barrier-free sleeping possibilities at the location. The safer space for women, lesbian, intersex and transpeople are unfortunately upstairs, but if there are other wishes and needs, it can be reorganised.

The costs are covered from donations, which means that the whole meeting is based on free price policy, please donate what you can! And don’t worry about it if you can’t afford! Food will be vegan, breakfast and one warm meal per day is planned. If you have special needs, allergies etc, please communicate it at our email, or when you arrive. All participants are welcome to join and help out at the registration/welcome table, at the kitchen, keeping the place clean etc.

And last but not least, we are still looking for helping hands! Come to the next meeting is on the 12th September Monday at 5 PM at the d3z3ntrale in the university of Fine Arts (Schillerplatz 3, Wien) or if you can’t, just come earlier, on 18th sunday or 19th monday to St Pölten and help us setting up!

infonumber: +43 680 2240231

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Manifesto for non-discriminating language(s) in the QueerFem networkmeeting

The Queerfeminist inter/antinational networking meeting will take place between 19 and 25. of September 2011 in St Pölten, which is located between Vienna and Linz under the reign of the Austrian State, which reproduces and reinforces german as the majority language.

We want to deal with structural discrimination in an inter- and anti-national setting, and we want to have different languages available during the Queerfeminist network-meeting, because we don´t want to exclude anyone on that basis. If one person needs a translation, it’s just as important as if five or twenty persons would need it, especially when it comes to non-colonial or post-colonial oppressed languages.

At each workshop, discussion, event etc. there should be the possibility to get translation, depending on the needs of the people who would like to participate. It is the responsibility of the people who give the workshops, lectures etc., and the people who take part, not to forget to check these needs at the beginning of the workshop, and it is also the responsibility of the people with different needs to express their needs for language accessibility. We ask all people who are interested to take part (doesn’t matter, if it’s for one afternoon or for the whole week) to write us as soon as possible and let us know what translation we should organise for which workshops (and whether they have the capacity to do a translation for someone else). There is the possibility to have frontal translation, and we think it’s better to do it like that whenever possible, as whispering translations exclude the people who get the translations, because they cannot take part in the discussion as the others. At the end, which languages are available for what workshops, and whether or not that is frontal or whisper translation, depends on the needs of the people who would like to take part.

Moreover, we expect all the participants and visitors of the QueerFem meeting to take structural discrimination and the different needs of the people who are present very seriously, not only in the workshops, but also around the dinner table, at the waiting lines for the toilet, or when you ask around how many people would like to have coffee or what food allergies one have, or who wants to play cards or hide and seek.

Speaking the different languages perfectly is not a requirement – in an antiracist setting noone should be embarrassed about their language knowledge or the lack of it, their pronunciation or their grammar mistakes. This is a strong principle during the networking meeting. It’s not as easy for everyone, especially because people with higher education and higher class background, basically more privileged people, tend to speak more languages or at least they are pretending it with more confidence. Even then it’s mostly limited to western languages, languages of the colonizers and post-colonial oppression, like english, german and french, spanish. That’s one of the important reasons, why we want people to share languages.

The difficulties with different languages and their inherent oppressive structures also include gendering language. Most (but not all) languages differentiate between female and male genders, when they talk about certain people in third person, and often even when they talk about objects, positions, jobs etc. This is a very strong part of reproducing hierarchy and it’s a long way to learn new ways of talking without saying genders all the time. Especially when it’s totally not relevant.

Noone should be named and labeled by other people during the Queerfem (or anywhere else actually) as female or male or any other gender category by another person. The only acceptable form of labeling someone is free voluntary self-identification. For example if a person say they would like to be referred to as they/she/he/zie/X/*/whatever that you can and should refer to this person that way, otherwise you should ask first what the person likes.
This doesn’t mean of course, one can’t name privileges and structural domination, and one can’t talk in a gendered way in a context where it is not only relevant information, but the main topic of the discussion or message. To talk about genders or sexualities is sometimes necessary to be able to talk about privileges. We all have to do our share to take each other seriously and to overcome language and gender hierarchies, and not to forget about them!

We don’t want to have one dominant language in the Queerfem meeting, we want to fulfill the different needs of the people with different backgrounds as good as possible. For this we need to know as soon as possible about the needs (on the website or by email). There will be also the possibility at the place to put the different language needs at the registration/infopoint table, but we have to organise the translators in advance. We need all the participants to take this very seriously in the way they deal with each other during the networking meeting and hopefully after as well in their lives.

We also encourage all of you to offer your help in the translation any time, now or later, or spontaneously at the place! All help is welcome to create a non-discriminative, open atmosphere as much as possible! Feedback about our concept, our way of dealing with languages is also very welcome!

Queerfeminist antiracist greetings
PlanLos! vernetz2

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The program is slowly getting online, have a look at the german or english version, offer your help in translating, organising etc. at vernetz2[at]

Das Programm wird langsam online, habe einen Blick auf die Deutsch oder Englisch Version, und biete Hilfe bei der Übersetzung, Organisation usw. bei vernetz2 [at]

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QueerFem network meeting 2011

Dear all

On 19.09.11 -25.09.11 is an inter(anti)national queer feminist network meeting week in September in St.Pölten (the capital of Lower Austria) at the LAMES area (
The goal of this inter(anti)national queer feminist week is an intense exchange of both topics beyond borders and to support inter(anti)national networking. The principles of the networking week are anti-authoritarian, anti-sexist, anti-racist, anti-homophobic, anti-heteronormative, anti transphobic, participative and libertarian. Besides of the space where to celebrate, hang out and relax there should be the focus on the intense and in terms of content exchange and no superficial discussions. We want a week to live with and learn from each other.

The QueerFem network meeting has the aim to make contacts between autonomous and independent groups and people and to turn theoretical issues into the praxis.

Queer-Feminism offers a lot of different perspectives on inequality and power relations and create the base to discuss it from different views. That means that there are a lot of controversial discussions which rise up a lot of questions!

Identity Women vs. Queer Identity Deconstruction? – Pro-Feminism ? – Exclusivity? – Intersectionality (different forms of discrimination)-how can you deconstruct yourself in the society if you are confronted with the repression of the daily life) vs. Deconstruction? – etc. !

important for taking care of each other:

awareness of any kind of discriminations,and continuous reflection – discussion!
language barriers shouldn’t exclude people!

anti authority, anti sexism, anti racism, anti-homophobia, anti-transphobic

general informations:
There will be a women&trans only room.
The area can be prepared partly barriers free. (if there are needs for that, please request)
Pets should stay at home.

There is enough space for camping, if it’s necessary there is the possibility to sleep in the house. (if there are needs for that, please request)

programm preview
workshops, discusions, performances, input, cinema, etc.
You can find the program 1 month before the QueerFem network meeting on the homepage.
Queer feminist greetings!

Projectgroup Plan!los “vernetz2”

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