Queer-Fem-Network-Meeting 2011

19. September 2011bis25. September 2011

Dear all

On 19.09.11 -25.09.11 is an inter(anti)national queer feminist network meeting week in September in St.Pölten (the capital of Lower Austria) at the LAMES area (blog.lames.at/).
The goal of this inter(anti)national queer feminist week is an intense exchange of both topics beyond borders and to support inter(anti)national networking. The principles of the networking week are anti-authoritarian, anti-sexist, anti-racist, anti-homophobic, anti-heteronormative, anti transphobic, participative and libertarian. Besides of the space where to celebrate, hang out and relax there should be the focus on the intense and in terms of content exchange and no superficial discussions. We want a week to live with and learn from each other.

The QueerFem network meeting has the aim to make contacts between autonomous and independent groups and people and to turn theoretical issues into the praxis.

Queer-Feminism offers a lot of different perspectives on inequality and power relations and create the base to discuss it from different views. That means that there are a lot of controversial discussions which will bring up lot of questions!

Identity Women vs. Queer Identity Deconstruction? – Pro-Feminism ? – Exclusivity? – Intersectionality (different forms of discrimination)-how can you deconstruct yourself in the society if you are confronted with the repression of the daily life) vs. Deconstruction? – etc. !

important for taking care of each other:

awareness of any kind of discriminations,and continuous reflection – discussion!
language barriers shouldn’t exclude people!

anti authority, anti sexism, anti racism, anti-homophobia, anti-transphobic

general informations:
There will be a women&trans only room.
The area can be prepared partly barriers free. (if there are needs for that, please request)
Pets should stay at home.

There is enough space for camping, if it’s necessary there is the possibility to sleep in the house. (if there are needs for that, please request)

program preview
workshops, discusions, performances, input, cinema, etc.
You can find the program 1 month before the QueerFem network meeting on the homepage.
Queer feminist greetings!

Projectgroup Plan!los “vernetz2”


Next open meeting for preparation, get familiar with the project etc. is at 19. August. 2011 at the kukuma summer week at the LAMES area in St. Pölten  at 5 pm

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